What may be a trend for one person is a way of life for another person. Example: rolled jeans. I have done this my whole life. When I was younger, it was out of necessity, so my jeans bottoms didn’t tear, but as I got older, I embraced the fact that a rolled jean makes short legs look a little longer. The side tuck/half tuck? I’ve also always practiced this. At 5’2″ I can look boxy in some outfits. Incorporating the side tuck/half tuck is an optical illusion, it allows the eye to see a break.

Another trend I have never abandoned? Pom-Poms. They give me life. In the late 70’s and early 80’s I had bright yellow pom poms on my roller skates, and sometimes I even wore them atop my white Keds sneakers. Pom Poms were/are my jam.

Have you heard the trend rule that states if you participated in a trend the last time it came around you should sit the next round out? I don’t like that rule. The only fashion trend I will apply that rule to is stirrup pants. Hence, I just can’t.

As humans, we find ways to grow and change, and I believe we can make whatever we love relevant to the stage and season of life we are currently in. An update if you will.

Pom Pom earrings sam Jerry

Recently, I have been enjoying pom-poms as earrings. These earrings are just the right pop of fun. Stay tuned; I’ll be DIYing a new pair soon.

Here  I did a Facebook Live video showing how to make a cute iron-on pom-pom t-shirt and canvas book bag. Can you tell pom poms make me happy?

Another way I have incorporated pom poms in my life are as pops of color on the sheer white curtains I have hanging over the patio doors in the dining room.  The white shears were allowing light into the room, but I felt a pop of color was needed. I made and attached pom poms to the curtains, and it changed the whole look and tied in with the colors of the painted brick on the accent wall.

green pom pom sam jerry

patio pom curtains sam jerrypatio pom curtains sam jerry

pom pom curtain sam jerry

Did you catch my blog post last month where I showed Michael and I creating a new system for my closet? Click here to catch up on my closet situation, it was terrible, but now it’s fantastic!!! Now that I have my closet finished and in working order I realized I needed a rug.

The floor in my closet is concrete and its painted a dark gray color, so I don’t need a rug for floor protection or high traffic areas. Therefore, it is a want situation.

I made a pom-pom rug. Oh my goodness, it is making my pom-pom lovin’ heart giddy with joy!

Take a look and see how simple and inexpensive it was to make. It isn’t an afternoon project but a few hours here and there, and it can be completed in a weekend or over a week’s time.

There are only a few supplies necessary for this project:

  • Yarn in whatever color fits your pom-pom needs
  • A non-skid rug pad, under $4.00
  • Scissors
  • Either a pom-pom tool or like I used, a paper towel tube cut in half and taped together

That’s it. The cost depends on the type of yarn you buy. I made this one for $11.00.

Check out my video tutorial. Let me know if you make one too.

Pom Pom Rug Finished

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.


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