Winter Solstice 2017. The Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, is the day we begin our journey back towards the sun. Solstice is Thursday December 21st this year. The day will be the shortest day of the year, thus, the longest night of the year. In researching I learned lots of interesting facts about Solstice. Like, did you know hanging mistletoe, decorating trees and burning a yule log are all traditions of Solstice?

Solstice is an excellent time to be still and self reflect.

As the calendar year is coming to a close and the few months of winter are just beginning it feels appropriate to not only assess but look forward to the next year. To have the life we want we must be on purpose, which means living a life full of intent. One way we can do that is by sitting down and taking inventory and then being brave enough to dream and look ahead.

As I prepare myself and my space for a time of reflection I will set out a few candles and maybe play soothing music in the background. The music and the candles only serve as enhancements. Anytime we lower the lights it intensifies the mood. I think it makes the moment feel special and that is what I’m going for.

I’ll turn the overhead lights off and sit in silence for a few minutes. And then I’ll ask myself questions like these; Is this year winding up the way I planned/wanted? Did I make the most of the active time of this year? What are my top 5 achievements for the year? Did I laugh? Did I love bigger and slower? Did I love unconditionally?

Disclaimer here: success does not have to be a grand, bigger than life accomplishment.

Remember, everything is relative to each person and their experience. If we are each running in our own lane we won’t be able to compare and unfairly judge ourselves and others.


After a time of reflection and looking back over the past year I believe it is also important to look ahead. Winter is when everything is preparing to regenerate. Dream.

What can I look forward to in Spring? What projects can I start researching? And when setting those goals take the questions just a little deeper. If I couldn’t fail what would I do? What is keeping me from this? What is one thing I can do to work towards this goal?

Not being able to do something right now is no reason to not still work towards that thing. Not doing it now is not the same as not doing it ever. A year will pass whether you work towards that goal or not. And then ask, who can help me? Am I using all of my resources?

It would be beneficial for several reasons to write your questions and answers in a notebook.

You can reread and rejuvenate. Build you motivation.

In Spring we clean our house and for some of us literally sweep the cob webs from the corners of our home. Winter is a wonderful time to clean our minds and make way for new projects and ideas. Journaling, scrapbooking and gathering photos you’ve been meaning to get to are all simple things that can be done during this time of year.


Winter is cold. We move slower. We bundle up           and hibernate.

Stews and chilis and soups are the norm this time of year. They are comforting and fill us for longer periods of time. Just like the animals who hibernate, we slow down and insulate. The ebb and flow of life is beautiful, isn’t it?


Just look around and be mindful. Be on purpose. Live with intent. We are headed back towards the sun. We will come out of the longest night of the year and thrive. Come on 2018. We are ready.

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