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While away this weekend I was able to work on some unfinished blog posts as well as start a few. I felt very put together for a moment. Saturday morning Michael was cooking breakfast, I was sitting at the kitchen bar and George Harrison was singing to us…..it just felt….right. It hasn’t always been that way.

We were babies!!!

We were babies!!!

What I mean is sometimes we get in a rut. We all love each other, but life can get in the way. We can forget to talk or spend time together. We work constantly at keeping our relationship fresh. As we were enjoying and appreciating the moment we began talking about some of our favorite ways of spending time together. There are life lessons in each of them. Even though we are comfortable in pretty much any situation together I still appreciate these little activities.

Here are our TOP 5 Michael and Samantha things to do together. AND they each cost little to no money:


Greyson, our grandson, loves to help his Yaya and Sweet Pop in the kitchen.

Greyson, our grandson, loves to help his Yaya and Sweet Pop in the kitchen.

Seriously! Not only are you working together but you are forging your own way with your own traditions. “My mom did it this way!” “Well, my mom blah blah!” Fine! Just find out what works for you. We love to put some music on and fix a drink and laugh and talk and nourish each other. If kids are in the picture give them a task. It is good for the soul as well as the palette.










Ha!! I know many of you have small children and  many of you have family game night. If you do then HIGH FIVES all the way around the room! What I am talking about here are games for 2. Yahtzee, Gin rummy, Trouble! See? It’s fun! It’s adult! And it’s a good way to spend time together. Do you argue because you are so competitive? Well chill. This isn’t about bragging rights. It’s about getting to know someone and being in the moment. And if you are so competitive then “wager” something so no-one really loses. wink wink. Come on…we are all adults here!



Greyson and Sweet Pop

Greyson and Sweet Pop

Oy! What? I know!!! I mean look who is writing this. Michael is a serious yard worker from waayy back. Me? Not so much. I didn’t get it. I would rake and pout! ha So immature. (Michael has faults too. Mine are a wee bit more visible) Eventually I worked through my yard issues. Whew People! I am stubborn. Once I embraced the art of loving my yard by taking care of it I was able to see how I was in turn loving myself and my Michael.

Ladies, you know how seeing your significant other do dishes or change the baby’s diaper makes you feel? Well…..turns out….seeing me do yard work does the same thing for Michael. Boom! Bonus!





So. Many. Rides. Sometimes I miss her.

So. Many. Rides. Sometimes I miss her.

Even if it is 45 minutes on a random Tuesday. Drive down random roads and watch the sun go down. Take a Saturday or Sunday drive. We definitely don’t do this as much as we once did. We would pop some corn or stop and get a fish dinner and then drive. Just the 2 of us. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we don’t. I feel we have the best and deepest conversations on those drives. It is relaxing and it is different. It is a great way to spend time together without the sometimes awkwardness of feeling the pressure to entertain one another.

The final activity will make or break you. It actually will cost a little money, time and effort.






If you have already experienced this in your relationship you groaned when you read that, right? I know you did. If you haven’t experienced it in a relationship you should go ahead and put it on your couple bucket list.

We tell people all the time you don’t need marriage counseling you need to go on a canoe float. We have seen people walk the banks of a river with a paddle. They do this because they were either banished from the canoe or they would rather do that than stay in the canoe. Ha!

Of course you must realize heat and alcohol can play a factor in the day. People find out quickly where their relationship is going.

A few years ago we took our daughter, our grandson and her boyfriend on a float. At the beginning of the trip I wasn’t sure who was going to take out who. They each were armed with a paddle. Ha! They tipped. They went in circles. They even steered through a bachelorette party as they stood on the side of the river cooling off. It was classic. We all have to start…

But Then it clicked. Instead of blaming the other for what was going wrong they began communicating about what to do that was right!!! See???? Life lessons. As a mother it was beautiful to watch.  And they did it!!!!! By the end of the trip I knew this relationship was on solid ground. And they are!!!

image image

Seriously give it a try….

It’s hard to make someone a priority. And sometimes it is a matter of putting down ego. However, when you begin to incorporate things into your everyday life it becomes you. I promise the benefits far out weigh the effort.

What activities do you do to spend time with your significant other? Let me know. Post pics here.

Have a great weekend. Do something you’ve never done before!!!!

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.

Sam ?


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  • This was great read. It’s interesting to see how other people make their marriage work. I love this!!! ?
    We also love to cook together or one cooks and the other sits at the bar keeping that person company.
    We love moives , going to the moives or watching them at home. Then we discuss that movie for days on end.
    If hubby can download a movie that’s still at theater we officially feel like we won in life. Haha it’s the small things
    We also shop together grocery shopping or anything else.
    It’s time together talking and walking.

    We tried working out together but my hubby officially hates working out and he was only doing it for me. So needless to say we don’t do that anymore.
    Thanks for sharing

  • 5


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