Hey!!! Welcome to my first blog post!! How exciting and frightening at the same time. In the salon I share and exchange ideas with people every day, somehow this seems a bit more vulnerable. Ha. Uncomfortable is good, right? That’s where the growth comes.

Life can be messy and complicated on its own. I tend to put self imposed pressure on myself to be funny or just be what is needed for the moment. I want to be part of the solution. This is where perspective comes in. How do things look from your POV (point of view)? Are you feeling like part of the solution or part of the problem?

Perspective is a beautiful gift to give to yourself or to others. There is a meme floating around that says the boiling water that hardens the egg is the same boiling water that softens the potato. The concept is true. Life will boil you and test you!

As you run errands today or take care of a child or parent check yourself. What is your perspective from where you stand? Is it building you up or tearing you down? Does it reinforce or erode your dreams? Give yourself a break and celebrate the small victories. Choose to see the good, the growth, the blessings in disguise. Go ahead and set yourself up for success.

Don’t overlook the imperfect, but embrace it. Own it. Laugh at it. Add it to your list for tomorrow.

I love the little atta girls I get from life. They are always there……I just have to look. Perspective is a beautiful gift. Peace!!

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