Good morning. How is your week going? Are you experiencing spring fever? Are you itching to clean and decorate and make things fresh in your space? Well I have an easy DIY that will definitely bring freshness to any space. Today I will show you an easy paper mache antler DIY. Antler decor is everywhere. I’m loving all of it. From bedazzled antlers to paper mache antlers. Customize away!!

There is modge podge involved so be warned. This has the potential for a bit of a mess. Make sure you have newspaper down and a damp towel near by. That is the best way to stay un sticky. ha


I bought my paper mache antler piece at Hobby Lobby. They are listed at $24.99. I picked it up almost 5 months ago. They are still 1/2 off and if not there is always a 40% off coupon in the paper or online.

imageModge Podge is maybe $5.00 for a bottle. This completes so many projects. Of course you can always mix 1 part Elmer’s glue and 1 part water and you have the same thing. I used an extra coarse paper for this project, so I went full Modge Podge. The paper was $1.99 a sheet. And it was 1/2 off and I only needed 2 pieces.


This amazing paint was $5.00 a can. I have already used it on 3 projects.

So that’s it. Well some newspaper and tape, but that’s it!


After I wrapped the head in newspaper and tape I sprayed the antlers with the AMAZING gold foil spray paint. I love the look of the gold foil paint on the paper mache texture. The paint dried to the touch within 10 minutes, so I could move it around and paint all sides of the antlers.


If you have never modge podged don’t worry….it’s simple. Tear your paper into workable pieces. Apply glue to the surface you are covering and the back of the paper you are using. Place the paper where you want it and then liberally apply glue to the top of the paper. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. Sometimes I leave a few wrinkles. I like it!

Let your project dry for at least 10-12 hours. I believe the directions on the modge podge say 24 hours. After 10-12 hours you can reapply a coat of glue if needed.

image image

I glued a piece of wire to the back of the head and then covered it with a piece of the paper I used on the project. When the glued dried I hung it on a picture hook.

So cute. So easy.



I like to know the cost. Sometimes it isn’t about saving money. I like to consider effort, time, result and of course cost….

My cost for this project came in around $17.00. Full cost would have been around $31.00. Considering all of the above this was so worth it for me. The customization with this one is truly priceless!!!!

Questions? Ask away… If you have modge podged anything recently post a pic on my Facebook Page! I want to see what you are creating.

Have a great week. See you soon.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.

Sam ?


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