It's Tuesday! The week is in full swing. How's it going? We are expecting rain pretty much every day for...
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Hello Sunday!!! How has your day been? Mine has been quite productive. Woohoo! My joyful surroundings today come from my...
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About 5 years ago I was introduced to Elsie Larson at I wasn't literally introduced. I guess just made...
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Just Start!!

Self Love
Are you quick to start something new or do you sit back and wish you could ________ (fill in the...
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So, the 30 selfies in 30 days challenge is finished. Now....what to do with the pics?? I'm kind of into...
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30 Selfies in 30 Days?????

About a month ago I did the "30 Selfies in 30 Days" challenge. The challenge is to take a photo...
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