A few years ago a client referred a friend to me. After the first appointment I thought maybe I could see us being “outside the salon” friends. And after her second appointment I knew we could!! She is very social and outgoing, and is always trying to include people and grow the group circle. She’s just my kind of people.

I realize I meet people easily. I feel it is in my nature.  Also I changed schools seven…yes 7….times growing up. I feel I know a little about the awkwardness of being the new girl. I guess what I’m saying is it doesn’t matter your age…entering an established girlfriend circle has its moments!! HA! New girl or not I was willing to give it a try.


This group of women is the best!!!! We enjoy laughing and being active together. We encourage and build one another up. We wipe each other’s tears and promise to help hide the bodies (if called upon)! HaHa… And our husbands get along too!! BONUS!!



In January of this year we met for food and drinks. We all pulled out our calendars and each person took a month to host and plan girl’s night. The theme, activity, menu and location would be decided upon by the person hosting. The only criteria really was to keep it affordable.


Natalie, my daughter, has been joining us. I love being able to share new experiences with her.


We have had a great year!!! We have tried new activities and pushed our boundaries. Over the last two years I have grown through getting to know each one of these women. I love hearing the stories that make up their lives. We are each so much more than wives, mothers, friends, sisters, aunts or employees. We should be celebrated!!!! I feel like that is what we do each month. We honor ourselves and each other by participating together in life. It is hard out there. We need each other.





I am truly thankful that at this stage of my life I have found a soft place to land. Being the new girl had its moments, as it usually does….But this time it was so worth it!! I love my tribe and everyone in it. Do we all agree on every subject? Nope, we sure don’t. But that is where the growth happens. Who wants to only hang with the predictable? We like to shake it up!!!


Do you have a tribe or a group of friends who you share activities with? Have you ever thought of hosting girl’s night? If you do let me know about it here on my Facebook page.

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