Our first Mindfulness Monday Challenge for the month of March has us focusing on our words. The words we use to speak to others, but also the words we use to speak to ourselves.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

The First Agreement in the Four Agreements is: Be impeccable with your word.

So what does “be impeccable with your word” mean? The obvious meaning is to speak the truth and to follow through with what you say. Another meaning for be impeccable with your word is to be intentional. By being intentional or on purpose means we aren’t just speaking to speak but our thoughts and speech are calculated.

There is a verse in the Bible, found in the book of James chapter three, that compares the tongue to the rudder of a ship. To paraphrase, the scripture says, though the rudder is small it has the ability to move a ship wherever the captain steers the great vessel. So our tongue does the same. With one word we can set in motion greatness or destruction.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted experiments in the 1940’s using water and words. The samples were taken from different bodies of water. The water was then exposed to different words. Some through music, others written and others spoken. Then the samples were frozen. The samples exposed to words of encouragement and love froze into beautiful crystal shapes. The samples frozen from words of hate and destruction froze into chaotic blobs. Words matter. We, as humans, are 60% water. In that context imagine what our spoken words do to us and those who are exposed to the words we speak, sing and write.

Here is the link to a video about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment.

When we are impeccable with our words we take responsibility for our words, without blame or shame. Blame and shame tell us we are bad people. Taking ownership without blame and shame says we made a mistake and I take ownership for those words. See the difference?


Eventually the negative loop stops and my mind and my body calms.

Several weeks ago I mentioned the “I am” exercise to you. I explained to you that when my mind begins the negative loop reminding me of everything I am not I begin to mentally or physically (by actually writing them down) list all of the things I AM. Strong, courageous, creative, problem solver. I’m enough. I’m an overcomer.

You are worth the effort to be present and listen to yourself speak. Your words are powerful. Use them for encouragement and understanding and unity.

The challenge this week is to be aware of your words. Are they impeccable to others? Are they impeccable to yourself? Also, be mindful of the conversations you are having on line. What kinds of things are you posting? Is it negative? Is it more about what is wrong or who you hate than it is positive and uplifting?

Let me know if this resonates with you. This challenge is a big one. I’ll check back in later in the week to see how you are doing.

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Be You – Be Beautiful – Be Impeccable With Your Words.



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