Today’s Mindfulness Monday challenge has us looking at the second of the Four Agreements. I have to admit, this one can be tricky. Don’t take anything personally.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Like I said, this is a tricky one, because it says, anything. Anything includes the not so good things as well as the good things. If someone says you aren’t capable of doing a job, don’t take it personally. If someone says you are amazing, don’t take it personally. In both cases, saying thank you and moving on is actively not taking anything personally.

This also goes for the internal dialogue you have with yourself in your big beautiful brain. Did you know that even some of the opinions you have of yourself aren’t true? Don’t take what you say to yourself on the drive to work personally. Maybe you’re running late or you spilled coffee on a paper that is due today, just because you said you are stupid and clumsy doesn’t mean it’s true.

Other people’s opinions of you (including your own) are none of your business. When we take things personally we open ourselves up to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Don’t take it personally. Everybody has a bad day, even the guy who cut you off in traffic.

This Week’s Challenge

This week, let’s simply be aware of how we interpret the actions and opinions of others. Be mindful of whether or not you become defensive and guarded when you receive feedback? How do you respond when you read an opinion that differs from yours online? Do you take it personally? Be mindful of how compliments play into your day.

I believe not taking things personally gives us and those we interact with the benefit of the doubt in a situation, it allows for grace and compassion. Not taking things personally quiets the mind and allows space for a knowing, a knowing of who I am, of what I am made and of where I am going.

And don’t be too hard on yourself when you catch yourself in a moment of self importance. Remember that’s what being mindful is all about, it’s about being aware, being present and showing up willing to participate in life.

Be You – Be Beautiful – Be Imperfect


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