Hello! Hello! First, how did you do with last week’s Mindfulness Challenge? Did you schedule something just for you and then anticipate the event? I hope you were able to schedule something and I hope you are beginning to notice little moments of anticipation in your life. Okay, moving on to this week’s Mindfulness Challenge.

Mindful of Celestial Happenings

What a week we’ve had! In the last week we’ve had a full moon that was the lowest “setting” moon of the year. Mercury and Mars were orbiting quite close to each other before beginning their orbit away from each other. Friday was the Summer Solstice, marking the longest day of the year while ushering in the official start of the summer season.

All of these events mark the end of the first half of the year and the beginning of the second half. Are you ready for what’s coming next? This week’s Mindfulness Challenge is to check in with yourself by performing a self evaluation. You don’t have to set aside a special time to do this. I mean, I highly recommend that you do, but also know a self evaluation can be done while waiting at a red light or while preparing dinner. The point is to be self reflective and honest with yourself.

Self Reflection?

Doing a quick check in with where you are with the goals you have set for yourself, the state of your relationships, and how you’re doing with your current mental and emotional health is a great habit to establish. Self reflection helps us decide which steps to take next or which steps to eighty-six out of our lives.

Whether you’ve set resolutions for the year or picked a word for the year, do you find it isn’t working for you? Remember, not completing a goal isn’t failure. Sometimes setting a goal makes us realize we didn’t really want that goal after all and that’s okay. Reevaluate and set a new goal. However, if you have become complacent or apathetic about your goals then take yourself out for a cuppa something and have a pep talk with yourself and get excited again about yourself and about living your best life. This isn’t about living someone else’s best life, but YOUR best life!!!

mindfulness monday youer than you sam jerry

Mindfulness and Comparison, Don’t Do It!!

This midyear evaluation is all about looking at yourself to see where you are on your journey. Please avoid the comparison rabbit hole. Comparing yourself to Nancy Next Door will only suck the very life out of your soul. Maybe that’s a tad bit dramatic but I’m serious, only compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Comparing ourselves to others is so not self serving.

Lastly, remember it takes baby steps to get anywhere you want to be. Be kind and patient with yourself.

be you — be beautiful — be imperfect

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