In last week’s Mindfulness Monday, I challenged us to notice the presence and/or the absence of anticipation in our lives. Anticipation has been bubbling in my world lately. I have been anticipating the return of my manuscript containing grammatical edits and it happened Friday. Oh my!! That level of anticipation is something I’ve never felt before. I’ve been nervous, excited, confident and sure I’d made a mistake every hour on the hour. Whew, all the feels. How did you do?

Anticipation Aids in Happiness

This week’s Mindfulness Monday continues with anticipation. Anticipation is an important element in happiness as it often leads us to use our imagination while also hoping. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and the cohost of the podcast, “Happier, with Gretchen Rubin”, says there are four stages of enjoying an event.

  1. Anticipation, looking forward to the event.

  2. Savoring, enjoying the moment.

  3. Expression, sharing your experience with others.

  4. Reflection, looking back at a happy time.

Anticipation has us looking forward to the savoring part with expectation and excitement. This week’s challenge is super simple, circle a date on your calendar and plan something. Go somewhere by yourself or plan a girl’s night out. The outing can be as simple as spending an hour in a book store, to getting a pedicure to a weekend away. One outing I enjoy is an evening at “Painting With a Twist.” I check the calendar on their website up to two months in advance to schedule the perfect session.

Plan and Anticipate

Next month I attend two separate women’s events. One is a women’s music festival in Wisconsin and the other is Rachel Hollis’ Rise in Dallas, Tx. I highly recommend a personal development outing at least once a year. You are worth the time, effort and money of investing in yourself.

Here’s the truth, no matter what our life circumstances we can find something to look forward to. Full disclosure, there was a time in my life when I looked forward to the day being over and the kids being asleep. Are you listening?

Anticipation starts by having an outing or event to look forward to and the intention of being mindful of the coming event. I mentioned last week I’ve been known to make a construction paper countdown chain. Make it fun, pop a balloon a day or do a digital countdown app. 

I’d love to hear what kinds of outings you all decide to participate in, let me know. I’ll be anticipating hearing from you.

Be you—Be beautiful—Be imperfect 

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