Hi friends! Holy Moly, we are in the second week of June. The rains have subsided and the black eyed susans in my yard are about to show off. Before we get into today’s MM I wanted to take a sec and thank you for being here. If you are new, WELCOME, and if you’ve been hanging out with me a minute, I APPRECIATE your continued support.

soon there will be hundreds of blooms

What is Mindfulness Monday?

Mindfulness Monday is a weekly challenge I adopted for myself when I saw the need to tweak the mindfulness in my life. I wanted to purposefully observe and evaluate my everyday life by paying attention to the little things. Observing my habits, triggers and responses with an open minded filter has empowered me, giving me renewed gratitude while also exposing areas I can build on.

“Being mindful only requires that I show up and intentionally participate in my life.”

Sam Jerry

My hope is that by sharing my thoughts with y’all we’ll learn something new together.  I believe the best way to learn is to teach, am I right?


Anticipation. In an age where time seemingly passes at light speed, where every need and want is a click or delivery service away, where binging whole seasons of shows in one sitting is available, anticipation is lacking. Anticipate is a verb (action) that means to expect or contemplate the possibility of. Delayed gratification is an experience foreign to many of us.

When anticipating or contemplating the possibility of a good meal I can literally salivate at the thought of it. If I have my heart set on a particular experience I anticipate, expect, that experience.

I am a visual learner and a verbal processor so when I’m super excited and anticipating an event or trip I have been known to make construction paper chains for the countdown. Last year I did it twice, once before Rise weekend in Los Angeles and again before a two week road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.

torn links from the construction paper chain I made to count down for our anniversary road trip

This Week’s Challenge

The Mindfulness Challenge this week is to pay attention to moments of anticipation, the types of things anticipated and the feelings felt while anticipating. That’s it. Do you dread waiting and how does that make you feel? When was the last time you anticipated a happy event or trip? A few weeks ago I wrote about foreboding joy, not being able to enjoy the now for fear of what could happen. That is definitely a type of anticipation. What are you anticipating?

Have a fabulous week and enjoy the cooler, dryer temperatures.

Be you – Be beautiful – Be imperfect

Last week’s challenge was to find and take a personality assessment. How did you do?

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