Happy Monday. Before we get into this week’s Mindfulness Monday challenge I want to check in with you about last week’s challenge. How did your mindfulness breathing go last week? Did you notice a change in breath depending on who you were around or what you were doing? Keep it going. Even though we are in a new week make being aware of your breathing a priority.

This Week’s Challenge:

This week our Mindfulness Monday challenge is to be aware of the five people you hang out with most. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn is credited with saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

My friend Rachel Hollis brings it up in her new, yet to be released book, Girl, Stop Apologizing. Her book drops on March 5, 2019 and you can pre-order here https://www.harpercollinsleadership.com/girl-stop-apologizing/ When talking of the importance of building a great community she says “You are the combination of the five people you hang out with most”.

Who Is In Your Top Five Circles?

Take a moment and think of the five people you hang out with most. I don’t think we should include our children here, unless of course, your children are grown and you have an adult relationship with them. Prepubescent lives do not count here.

Is there drama and confusion in your conversations? Do you look forward to hanging out with any of these people or do you do so out of obligation?

Who Are Your Light People?

My dear friend, Amy Robinson of Tribe of Women (check her out at https://www.instagram.com/tribeofwomen/ often speaks of light people. Amy says, “You know who your light people are. When you close your eyes and think of who fills you up and gives you energy, or brings you peace, joy and laughter, there they are. You know them. They are your light people”.

This week consider who your light people are and how much time you actually spend with those people.

Does Your Circles of Five All Look The Same?

Another thing to be mindful of is whether or not your circle of five all look the same. Do they believe exactly what you believe or do your beliefs differ? Is your circle of five all the same color, gender or come from the same socio-economic demographic?

I feel that it is important to include people in our lives who see the world differently than we see it. I’m not talking of friending people who wish other people harm, but we can have relationships with people of differing opinions. I believe it stretches our boundaries so we can see that we are all humans who are being human.

I hope your week offers you everything you need.

Be you – Be beautiful – Be imperfect

Sam xoxo

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