Last week our Mindfulness Challenge had us making a list of all the qualities we want to actively see demonstrated in our lives. How did you do, did you finish your list?

Our Mindfulness Challenge this week has us being mindful of giving ourselves permission to actively participate in working on that list.

Where Are You On the List?

Here’s the thing, we are all already busy with lists, grocery lists, to do lists, kid’s activities lists, homework lists, etc, right? But, what I want to know, is how many of those lists include you working on yourself? When we leave ourselves off the list we can become tired and cranky and depleted. Check out this post where I tell the story of filling a vase.

Baby Steps

Life is a series of steps and too often we want to skip some of the most important steps, only to become frustrated later. Let’s take our time and implement mindful habits.

So keep your qualities list handy, but this week during mindful moments say this,

“I give myself permission to fulfill my own needs so I can be available to meet the needs of my family.”

Sam Jerry

If you are like me, you are talking to yourself already so give it a try!!

Be You -Be Beautiful – Be Imperfect



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