Many of us are beginning to experience the true essence of Spring. My yard is bursting with life, bees and birds are busily feasting off of the new growth that is emerging everywhere. Now is the time of year when humans begin working in the yard, working on their tan, and for many, kicking up the effort of working towards their summer bodies. My hope is that working on being mindful is in there too. Let’s dig into this week’s mindfulness challenge.

Numbing Out

This week’s mindfulness challenge has us looking at ways we numb out. I realize the term “numbing out” is usually used to describe someone abusing alcohol or drugs, but I’m here to tell you, most of us practice numbing out, in one form or another. Stay with me, this is good.

According to Urban Dictionary, numbing out is “when someone is procrastinating, isolating themselves and going nowhere. Also, being stalled and not taking care of business.”

  As you go about your life this week simply be aware of the activities you participate in and why you participate in them. Ask yourself, “what activities do I use to numb out?”

When you come home from work do you play a game on your phone for ten or fifteen minutes and then start dinner or do you play for hours? When you are “bored” or when you have laundry to fold do you find yourself doing a bit of online shopping? How about instead of interacting with your kids, you suggest the family binge watch something on Netflix?


Please hear me, I am not saying we should never do these things. Just like participating in a “cheat day” when dieting, I believe “vegging out” is necessary, however, the question becomes, am I vegging out or numbing out to avoid participating in life?

What is my Motivation?

This week, before making a purchase or eating a bag of potato chips or scrolling for hours on Facebook or Instagram ask yourself, “what am I avoiding or what is hurting that I feel the need to escape?”

We train our bodies to run marathons or to push through standing in a new yoga stance, but are we taking the time to train our minds to recognize when we are participating in not so healthy mental activities? For many of us these activities have taken root and are now habits, but here’s the good news, these habits can be broken and new habits can be established.

You are worth the effort. I am worth the effort. So this week be aware of your motivation. Are you trying to avoid or numb out the day or the situation or your life? Be honest, no one is watching but you.

If you have any questions or thoughts I would love to hear them. In the meantime….by you, be beautiful, be imperfect.


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