This week’s mindfulness challenge has us looking at foreboding joy. Foreboding joy happens when we stop ourselves from experiencing joy and instead we wait for the other shoe to drop, for something to go wrong. It keeps us from being in the now and it can keep us from participating in our lives.

Brene Brown says joy is the most vulnerable emotion we can experience. For years, I lived in a perpetual state of foreboding joy. I couldn’t enjoy the now because I was constantly waiting for something bad to happen. Brene calls foreboding joy a dress rehearsal for tragedy and it’s true.

For instance, my book is written and I’ve gotten good responses from people who have read it. I’ve rewritten parts and taken out parts and I’ve even picked the art for the cover, but I’m walking a tightrope between enjoying what I’ve accomplished and expecting someone to call and say it’s all a mistake and I’m not good enough.

This week pay attention to how you respond to moments of joy or good news or moments of peace. Do you tense up or do you begin thinking of all the ways the moment could be taken from you? When things begin going your way does your mind start creating unrealistic scenarios of how it will all be ruined? That’s foreboding joy.

Sam Jerry Gratitude Outshines what isn't with what is

The best way to combat foreboding joy is to be grateful. Taking a gratitude inventory reminds us of all we have and all we have come through to get to this moment.

Be patient with yourself and remember we are all works in progress.

Be You – Be Beautiful – Be Imperfect

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