Mason Jars and Pallet Wood DIY

Who doesn’t love mason jars and pallet wood these days, right? Hello! Hello! How is your week going? Wow! The sky is blue….2 days in a row. Ahhh.

If you have been on Pinterest at any point I am sure you have seen some form of a mason jar planter. We really keep reinventing things don’t we? I think the first time I saw this was when I was a little girl in my dad’s workshop. His mind was always working on ways to organize without having to spend $$. And to be honest this is something that can totally transition to a craft room, bathroom, baby’s room, laundry room….! You see where I’m going? Ok. Here we go. It’s way easy and if you have all of your supplies you can be hanging this project in about 15 minutes. Seriously


The only tools today are a cordless drill and/or a screwdriver. I know!


The supplies for the project are a mason jar (size of your choice. I used a 16 oz jar), hose clamp (I used 2 1/16 in to 3 in clamp. I bought a bag of 6 for under $5. I think) and a piece of wood. It can be pallet wood or new wood or a scrap piece. You pick your style. I like the look of raw pallet wood, but of course put YOU on it and paint it or stain it or stencil it or ??????


Decide where on the piece of pallet wood you want the jar to hang. Unscrew the clamp so it comes open. I had to pre-drill a hole. Sometimes the pallet wood can be as hard as a rock. HA!


Next, simply secure the clamp around the top of the jar. That’s it..


I have one in my dining room….


And one in the master bath….

Hang your project with nail and wire or a picture hanger or whatever you choose. And then fill it with dirt and a plant or water (that is how I have mine) and a plant. A simple and inexpensive way to add a pop to any space.

I hope you give it a try. I am going to do this along a part of our fence in the yard for battery tea lights. I’ll let you know how it turns out.  But hey, you do the same. ?? If you do this project put a picture up on my Facebook page.


Have a great week

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.

Sam ?


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