I love coffee mugs. I don’t have tons…but the ones I have..I cherish. Even when I’m in someone’s home I’m contemplating which mug I will use. There is always a just right mug for the moment.

A beautiful cup of coffee

I didn’t live with my mom a lot growing up, but as I got older and would visit there would be moments of magic. And that magic was usually centered around a cup of something.

Owl mug

There was spiced tea, which we called Russian Tea, for some reason. There were lots of exotic teas her hair clients would bring back to her from their adventures. And there was always hot coffee fresh from the percolator. A laundered and pressed cloth napkin and a sweet treat were staples for the occasion as well.

It would almost seem indulgent of the moment, but that was the goal. We were prepping for the magic.

Antique tea cup and saucer

And then It begins….

Sometimes the conversation would be deep and life affirming and sometimes it was coffee spewing from your nose funny. My favorite moments came when you would simply ask, “Where did you get your tea cup?” That’s when the real magic would and still does happen. Her eyes light up and she becomes extra animated….and then

There is a comical or tragic story about the lady at the flea market who sold her the cups. There is a story about the tea cups as told by the lady who sold her the cups. The best part of the magic is that these stories may OR may not be true. Hahaha Not that they are out right lies. It’s that my mom sees the world through a whimsical filter. She sees just past the veil that separates the rest of us from the magic. And if you allow yourself a visit you come away a much lighter person. And you know you’ve experienced something much larger than a cup of something.


Perhaps this is why I love the Mad Hatter and his tea party. Hahaha

So when I pull out the just right mug I’m prepping the magic…the experience….the moment. Life happens in the small moments of the day. It can be tough out there. Celebrate the small experiences.

Caticorn mug

The moment could be a Caticorn….half cat…half unicorn….ALL MAGIC!!!!

Do you save the good stuff for a special occasion? I can’t think of anything more special than you!!! How do you celebrate the little moments? Let me know!!!


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