Hello Sunday!!! How has your day been? Mine has been quite productive. Woohoo!

My joyful surroundings today come from my dining area. I love the laid back casual feel with the robin’s egg blue and then pops of color.


I love birds. They seem to fly intuitively. Birds can change direction or soar or dive….all at a moment’s notice.


I strive to be that way. I want to live intuitively. I want to be able to make changes without them ruffling my feathers. Heehee! See what I did there? ?


As you gather yourself this evening go ahead and set yourself up for success. Set out important papers. Make a list. ✔️ As Scar sings….Be Pre…..pared!!! (You totally sang it ??! Right?? But for real….it really takes minimal effort, but produces great results.

Have a great evening and an even better Monday.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.

Sam ?

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