Today my joyful surroundings take us to the ever evolving laundry room. It is a small space as many laundry rooms are, but it serves us well.

Growing up I didn’t learn much about the daily tasks of caring for myself. Because of life circumstances we  would “wing it” most days. Just getting through the day. Laundry was something I dreaded. I’ll be honest I resented it. When our children were old enough they started doing their own laundry. I told myself I wanted them to learn to care for themselves, but I’m afraid it’s that I didn’t want to do their laundry anymore. (Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty) Whew!

I decided to take the negative out of it. I didn’t want an act of taking care of myself and others to be one that held such a negative grip on me.So I put my stamp on it and made it mine. Sometimes we have to call things what they are and then work through them.

Function and personality are the key words here.


The back wall is pallet wood. I like the look of raw wood. The sink is coming along. Michael wants to get a bigger container for the basin. I agree. It is currently on hold. We will update later. ⏰



The skeleton key door locks were a flea market find a few years ago. We attached them to scrap wood. They are cute and it is where I hang my undergarments to dry. ?


The stackable washer/dryer saves space, but I have to admit they are almost too tall. The short girl struggle is real. They were white and not my personality. I found these vinyl decorations at Jo Ann Fabric and Craft Store. They were $19.99 and I had a 40% off coupon. Score!! It really added that pop I needed. So cute, right? I pat myself on the back often for that one.


The laundry basket is a Trash can I found at Tractor Supply. I want to eventually add casters.

I don’t keep a lot in here as it can and does get cluttered easily. Socks are my sworn enemy. Ha. Instead of fighting them I throw them in a basket and when I need a pair I match them…..or not.

As you look around your surroundings check to make sure your space is functional and filled with YOU!! And if it isn’t, what is one thing you can do to begin to add function and/or personality? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.

Sam ?

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