Joyful Surroundings Sunday March 13th

Today my joyful surroundings come from the yard area around the patio. It is our little get away. The past few weeks have been full of the adjustments that come with letting go of some old and embracing some new. Michael and I are making more of an effort to be present in taking care of ourselves.

Saturday afternoon we spent the day on the patio together celebrating and enjoying each other’s company. We cooked and ate crawfish, drank cold beer and listened to music. (Modest Mouse ….check them out) While we were waiting for a batch of crawfish to come up we took a field trip, walking and talking and being thankful for our yard.

Have you ever done that? Been actively thankful for your surroundings? It feels good, doesn’t it? Do your surroundings represent you and what you are thankful for? I hope so. Everyone deserves sanctuary. Here is a glimpse of my joyful surroundings and what I am thankful for:


Serenity….the calm and peacefulness that is offered here.


Whimsy.…the light heartedness and humor peaking out here and there


Depth….the quiet contemplation and meditation waiting for me.


Vulnerability….the openness and rawness felt here.


Hospitality….the always healing and nurturing possibilities waiting here. There is always room for one more.

My heart is full today. And for sure I can’t leave out the best!!!




As you look around your surroundings today check to make sure they represent you! Your hopes…your dreams….your joyful surroundings. Enjoy your Sunday.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.


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