I haven’t written a blog post since the neighborhood trauma a month ago. (insert sad face) I did put up a DIY post on Tuesday. I’m getting there.

I have started writing several times, but I haven’t finished anything. When I stop to read what I have written I think, “Who cares about this? What does it matter?” I can’t seem to find the relevance.

When my mind is trying to figure stuff out my usual escape is reading. Not this time. I’m sure many of you have been there. Seven or eight pages in and you turn the book over to see what the title is, because you can’t even remember what you are reading!!! Ugh! Television isn’t much of an escape. And social media is getting ugly as well.

I also know myself well enough to know that during these times I need to stay active to keep the darkness at bay. So I have put my efforts into my yard. I love admiring growth….any growth really. Three years ago a friend’s dad told me weeds are only flowers someone doesn’t want growing there. It changed my life..the way I see growth. Walking around my yard talking to my plants and trees and shrubs and flowers is one of my favorite things. There is comfort for me when I encourage them to grow and thank them for surrounding me with beauty. It is a simple give and take. When I am working in my yard my stresses melt off my mind the way sweat drips from my elbows as I work the soil.

flowers in the yard.

watering can full of flowers.vine shoot.

One day recently as I was working in the yard I popped in my ear buds and set the music to shuffle. A few songs in my brow and t shirt were soaked and my mind began to clear. Then Summer Osborne’s “As I Am” came on….and the relevance became clear. Our lives take place in the small moments of investment. The small moments of time and effort. No matter how inane or minute they may seem. They are my moments!!! Writing may be insignificant to others, but to me it is my way of saying, I AM HERE!! Summer’s song “As I am” is so powerful. Here are some of the lyrics.

I am here.

I am whole, as I am.

I am safe.

I am loved, as I am.

I am grateful and I’m free.

I’m as perfect as can be.

I am here.

I am whole, as I am.

This is my story. These are my investments. I love sharing them with you. Hopefully as we share we glean from one another and we grow. Growth is a miracle….a pat on the back. Good job on your investments of time and effort. You are here. You matter…just as you are. We all have value and purpose. Thank you Summer for reminding me. I love this song. It speaks to my soul. You can hear Summer’s music at http://summerosborne.com. (It won’t allow me to link, but GO! go and listen)

SIDE NOTE: Summer will be in concert this Saturday, July 30th in Fayetteville. To reserve a seat and hear music that will ignite your soul and remind you of your creation email how many seats you need and your name to 7sistersconcertseries@gmail.com.

Be encouraged that wherever you are and whatever you have endured that you are indeed here. Be grateful and be free…..

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.


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  • When I was younger my mom asked me to go out to her Garden and pull some weeds. I tried to get her to come out there and show me which were weeds, and which were things she actually wanted to keep. But she told me, described to me what needed pulled and sent me on my way. I’d previously read something in a magazine or online that Primroses were weeds, Beautiful, but a weed. So I pulled them from her garden. every one of them. When my mom came out later she asked me why I’d pulled them all!!! And told me that she actually wanted those and that itchy were rather difficult to grow in our garden because they required a special amount of shade VS Sun.

    That was when I learned the lesson that Weeds are just flowers growing where someone doesn’t want them. It’s been a lesson I’ve applied to my life! <3 <3 I have rarely seen where someone else has the same philosophy applied to life. 🙂


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