Last week we worked at getting clarity on our why and we learned that we should start with the end in mind. This week, continuing in our goal setting series we’ll take a good look at our weaknesses. You may be thinking, “Weaknesses, Sam? I thought we were trying to accomplish goals here.” Correct, we are, and acknowledging our weaknesses is going to help us.

Can we agree we all have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working towards our goals?

I believe by not incorporating our weaknesses into our goal planning we rob ourselves of creative solutions.

Weakness Matters

I am an excellent cook. Over the years I have honed my skills when cooking to an art form. In the kitchen I add ingredients and spices just as an artist adds light and texture to a painting. When I cook I add ingredients based on smells, sounds and intuition. But baking? Baking intimidates me. It seems so precise and calculated and, well, sciency.

A few years ago I set a goal to tackle baking. I spent hours on Pinterest looking up recipes and just as many hours watching videos on Youtube. My cakes and pies and breads would come out of the oven wonky and dense or jiggly and runny. “I’m just not a baker!” I would exclaim and vow to never bake again, but I wanted to bake so badly.

Weaknesses = Creative Solutions

Here’s where my weaknesses and creative solutions come in. My weakness here is if I can’t do something well I don’t want to do it. Also when I can’t do something well I beat myself up and I end up making myself feel so bad about my ability I quit. So the question becomes, how can I work with that weakness to accomplish my goal of baking?

Working My Strengths

I’m hard on myself but I am patient and kind with other people. Grace is easy for me to give to a friend who stumbles or errs in some way and encouragement is my superpower. Bingo! Solution? Find a friend to bake with.

My friend Renee and I were in the same boat with baking. We both had a desire to bake but neither of us was baking. Several evenings were spent texting one another commentaries about our favorite bakes we had seen while watching the Great British Bake Off. One of us would text, “I’m going to do it!” Then the other would send words of encouragement but neither of us could get any good baking momentum going.

We would have conversations like, “Maybe if we had a stand mixer or maybe if our ovens were different.” Finally, we agreed what we needed was each other.

Starting in January of this year we have set aside one Friday a month to bake together. We clear our schedules and decide what scrumptious morsels we want to create. Once the agenda is set we purchase the ingredients and then we show up for one another and we bake.

Results I Can Live With

Oh my! It has been a game changer. In the moments when a batter didn’t look quite right, instead of throwing in the towel and throwing hateful comments about incompetence at ourselves, we simply made another batter, saying things like, “it’s ok. This time we’ll add less x or a little more y.”

We’ve made eclairs, Viennese Whirls, macaroons and honey comb. In the next week we are making a Hummingbird cake and a cupcake collage.

Not wanting my friend to fail I show up encouraging and brave rather than insecure and unstable the way I often show up for myself. And the bonus? I’m becoming encouraging and brave with myself while I bake.

Acknowledging our weaknesses does not make us weak, it makes us problem solvers.

My mantra for years has been “Acknowledge your weaknesses and work your strengths!” Sometimes I know just where to apply it and other times I have to strategize a little.

What are your weaknesses when it comes to reaching your goals? Where are your weak spots in your journey? Is it week three of keto? Morning four of a 5:30 A.M. workout week?

We each have patterns we have established to help us navigate our way and to sabotage our way. Go ahead and shine some light on the bumps in the road, then ask yourself what strength do I have to overcome this obstacle and then work with it instead of against it.

Be You – Be Beautiful – Be Imperfect.

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