So, the 30 selfies in 30 days challenge is finished. Now….what to do with the pics?? I’m kind of into clip boards right now. They are so easy and versatile to use and they are a little retro!! Bonus. ?

I ordered my prints through my Walgreens photo app. The total was $9.??. I had a $3.00 off coupon, so my prints were $6.?? And I didn’t use any of my printer ink. I know, right?? Next I took the prints to my local Kinko’s and copied my prints to regular paper. The total there was $7.??. (I can never remember the change amount)

**Side note: if I ever do something like this again I will play with the size of the photos, for photo placement and room.






Once I had my pics I gathered the rest of my supplies: a small paint brush, scissors, Modge Podge or craft glue and my clip boards. My clip boards came from Hobby Lobby. They were $2.99 each. I decided to do 2 because the surface is small and all of my photos are full size. Also, I did one clip board using craft glue and the other using Modge Podge.












When using craft glue you simply mix one part glue with one part water. When using Modge Podge there is no mixing. Be sure and cover your work surface with newspaper or whatever you have.





Apply the adhesive of your choice to the back of the copy of your photo. Place the photo where you want it, smooth it out to remove any wrinkles or air bubbles and then apply glue to the front of the photo.

















The glue and the Modge Podge both will dry clear. I had some thought bubble stickers I added for fun. But, you can add quotes, scriptures, your initials, etc.. It’s yours, you can dress it up however you feel!!!!!



















I plan on using my 30 selfies as inspiration boards to post goals and celebrate me!!!

Of course this would be fun to do with your kids or a for an upcoming graduate. So many options!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. If you do the project let me know!!!

Be beautiful. Be you. Be imperfect.

Sam ??


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