Field trips, friendships, and heirlooms seeds sound like the makings of a great day, doesn’t it?

Are you someone who loves field trips? I do. I always have. Going to museums, farms and even factories evoke a feeling of adventure in me. It feels a little exotic. I see it as an opportunity to take a glimpse into a world I know nothing about it.

I have an inquisitive nature, and I learn through watching and touching. In fact, my grandson recently told his mom, my daughter, that he and his Yaya (me) are tactile people. The fact that he understands this at ten years old brings joy to my brave heart.

The only thing better than going on a field trip is going on a field trip with a friend. I am excited to say I recently experienced a field trip with my dear friend Reneé. We woke up early on a Sunday morning and headed two and a half hours North to Mansfield, MO. Our destination was the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Farm.


Headed to the heirloom farm

And if you are heading to an heirloom seed farm you should dress the part, right?

Although we had an early start (I woke up at 6:00 A.M.), the car ride was filled with chatter and laughter and excitement. Reneé had already purchased several heirloom seed packets from Baker Creek online for her fantastic hay bale garden, so she was already well acquainted with the seed company. But neither of us had ever been there.

renee"s hay bale garden sam jerry

The closest I’ve come to anything like the heirloom farm was last year for my birthday I traveled just outside of Little Rock to P. Allen Smith’s farm and homestead. Another great field trip. I highly recommend the effort.

The first Sunday of every month from March through October is a special day at Baker Creek. The first Sundays are for celebrating Heritage Day Festival. The farm is set up to resemble an old pioneer town complete with dirt roads, a bakery, seed store, apothecary, and blacksmith shop.

As we were approaching the farm, we were greeted by an eagle perched on a rolled hay bale. He/she was surmising the situation and, of course, ultimately flew away. However, Renée and I were convinced the greeting was just for us. As soon as we parked and exited the car we could hear the infectious sound of a fiddle playing. Side note: Reneé is a well-accomplished fiddle (violin) player. Right? So exciting. There was even a fiddle player in the seed store.


Baker's Creek Heirloom seed farm


Restaurant on the farm


Opry on the farm


We may have touched thousands of seed packets and ooo’ed and awed over trinkets. We tried on dress aprons and bonnets.

Bonnets at the seed store

Can you see all of the seed packets behind us? So. Many. Seeds. We enjoyed a lemon bar, and oatmeal creme pie from the bakery and of course the people watching was everything.

We heard on more than one occasion, “You girls are having way more fun than you should.”

It’s true though, Reneé and I love laughing and having new experiences. If you throw in fiddles, bonnets and heirloom seeds, well, you have two very excited girls.

We were so caught up in looking through the seeds that we missed the greenhouse tour. I guess that means we will have to go back another day. In fact, we are already making plans to go back in October. The farm will have a completely different feel by then.

Do you have a field trip buddy? If you do, I know you understand the magic of the adventure. You don’t; I encourage you to make plans soon. If you look, you can find hidden adventure almost anywhere.

If you try something new this summer, I would love to hear about it.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be you.




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