Making a coffee filter Christmas Tree centerpiece couldn’t be easier. Have you seen them? So cute. Here are a few things I’ve made using coffee filters. I know, my mind instantly thought of about 30 more things I can make. Ok, but first, I have to show you how to do this project, right?


coffee filter angel wingscoffee filter art pink heart



The supplies are simple and you may have several things on hand already.


coffee filter art christmas tree supplies I used a styrofoam cone for the Christmas tree shape.


Glue gun and glue sticks

paint, craft and/or spray paint

push pins

coffee filters

Any embellishments, like ornaments, lights, glitter. Any pretties.




Sorry I don’t have a photo of this. But you push your finger into the center of the coffee filter to almost make the shape of a funnel. Twist the bottom of the coffee filter until it resembles a flower. And then pin the “flower” shape to the bottom of the cone. Working your way around the cone to finish the first row. Continue up the cone.

beginning tutortial of coffee filter christmas tree

It really is that simple. Once the cone is covered with coffee filters you can paint.

Now I will tell you there are a few ways to paint the coffee filters. I usually take a plastic bowl and mix acrylic craft paint with water and then dip the filters into the paint water. The water/paint will soak into the filters. Sometimes I let them sit for 10 seconds or more to soak up more and sometimes its a quick dunk. Just play with it and see what works for your color needs.

advanced tutorial coffee filter christmas tree

The second way to paint is to take your tree outside in a well ventilated area and spray paint. I paint in short bursts so I don’t oversaturate the coffee filters. You don’t want them runny and drippy.

The filters dry quickly. Once the filters are dry you can embellish. I simply hot glued mini ornaments onto the tree. I took a vine wreath off the wall and placed the tree in the middle. I placed balls of different shapes around the tree. I tried to keep with a gold or warm theme. The tree would be beautiful as a centerpiece or on a mantle or foyer table.

finished coffee filter christmas tree






I love it and I think it turned out great. This morning I did a Facebook Live Video showing you how to create this beautiful Christmas Tree using coffee filters. Check it out HERE.

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