It is March my friends. Bits of green grass are beginning to pop up around the tufts of brown in my yard and the daffodils are beginning to emerge from the cold hard ground. We’ve had a couple of warm days recently and with those warms days comes the desire to take an adventurous road trip. Do you love dreaming about and planning adventures? Have you ever thought of the similarities between setting goals and planning a road trip?

Goal Setting Like a Boss

Here at the month of March is going to be all about setting goals. I have to admit, this is not where my spiritual gifts shine bright. However, two of my life tenets are: The best way to learn is to teach and The best way to help yourself is to help others. These both apply when working this month’s theme.

My goal (already working it) this month is not to only become clearer with my goal setting abilities, but to also rock out the follow through portion of goal setting. Will you join me? We can help each other along the way.

What You Can Expect This Month

Installment One: “Why our why is important” and “Starting with the end in mind.” Knowing why we are willing to start and putting our effort into something is crucial for motivation, but often road mapping is where some of us struggle. We need to see past getting started. Knowing where we are going helps us get the big picture of how to get there, thus, start with the end in mind.

Installment Two: “Accept your weaknesses and work your strengths” and “How to make a vision board.” We all have areas we aren’t strong in, but we also have strengths that allow us to work around those weaknesses. Have you ever made a vision board? I am a visual person who likes constant reminders in my face. I hope you will be inspired to create your own vision board and maybe even host a vision board party.

Installment Three: “Accountability, being willing to fail and follow through.” What happens if/when we fall short of our original goal and why is it important to have an accountability buddy?

I’m excited about learning and sharing with you all. I am also happy to tell you that my friend Amy Robinson of Tribe of Women will be back this month to discuss and share about goal setting and accountability. We are not alone. We have community and tribe all around us to help us and support us along our way.

I hope you will join me on our journey. Don’t forget to sign up at to receive emails and updates.

Be You – Be Beautiful – Be Imperfect


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