About a month ago I did the “30 Selfies in 30 Days” challenge. The challenge is to take a photo of yourself every day for 30 days. Simple, right? With so much self sharing on social media you would think so.

Well…the truth is I am comfortable IN my skin, but not so comfortable LOOKING at my skin. Ya know? I mean I laugh big!!! I am a Straight up open mouth, head back belly laugher.


See what I mean? Ha. But the truth is I don’t actually see it. I know it makes me happy, and people like me, so I feel it isn’t offensive. Haha I do watch body language. I admit I can be loud and I become more animated when excited!


It took several days before I was loose enough to have a good time. Although I felt a little uncomfortable at first I enjoyed the time with myself. I enjoyed being silly with myself and having a good time with me!! It was also a great reason to have a photo with my daughter.


I use A Beautiful Mess app for filters. It’s a great blog too!! Abeautifulmess.com I just recently purchased the whole package of “a color story” app. I adore it!! ?

As the 30 days came to an end and I flipped back through the pics there were a few things that stood out to me. One, I had had more good days than bad!!! There were lots of smile days. Two, I was able to see some of the ways I nurture myself that I don’t recognize anymore.


Have you ever participated in anything like this? Are you a selfie pro? Or would you do a challenge like this? Let me know. If you haven’t then I challenge you!!! Let go. Be a kid again. Embrace the quirky moments and celebrate YOU!!!

Tomorrow I will post the project I made using my photos. I’ll include the how to also. So simple and so inspirational.

Be beautiful. Be imperfect. Peace!!!

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    Margaret Matheny
    February 22, 2016 2:08 am

    Absoutely love this! You are giving great ideas to those who want to listen. Can’t wait for the next post???

  • Love!! You’re adorable and I love this!! Recoginzing your own beauty and what you bring to the world is an admirable and worthy result of such a challenge!! Go you!!


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