I realize Valentine’s Day has passed, but stay with me…that is where this story begins…..

Michael and I have now had more than 30 Valentine’s Days together. Wow! That being said we don’t celebrate much. Well, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day much. Michael isn’t a big gift giver…there I said it. Whew! So, although I am more likely to give gifts rather than receive gifts Michael does so so much for me! Trust me..we are good!

Ok….Back to the story. I think one reason we don’t celebrate it much is that it can seem commercial or forced. Right? Think about it. So I decided to make it new and original for us. From February 1st to February 14th Michael received some sort of gift each  day.


There were cards. One even included Math. My love should never be questioned..


There were several sweet treats. This is all that is left.

I streamered the inside and part of the outside of his truck while he was at work one day.

Instead of a dozen roses I delivered an arrangement of a dozen lottery scratch off cards.


I had this sweet canvas made for him.

He also received a private gift, but that is none of your bees wax! wink wink

And on the 14th I gave him the gift I was proudest of. As a child I loved the Justice League. Mostly I loved, well still love, the Wonder Twins. Anytime something silly or tragic or competitive comes up Michael and I say “Wonder Twin powers activate” and then we bump fists. Kind of like a 1,2,3…Go!

I emailed my friend Neal Campbell and told him the story. He designed the t shirts and placed them in his virtual store for me to order. You can check out his graphics here. Really fun stuff there.


It was a glorious morning after Michael opened the package. We laughed and bumped fists and danced and even shed a few tears.

So after the celebration and as we were cooking breakfast Michael gave ME a gift!!! A weekend getaway in our favorite cabin in Eureka Springs. We request the same one every time even though they have built newer ones over the years.

This was maybe 6 or 7 years ago.

This was maybe 6 or 7 years ago.

Well….that brings us to the present…the now!! That weekend away?? It’s THIS weekend! I am more than excited to go away for a few days and unplug with my best friend.

I enjoyed doing the 14 days of love for and with Michael. I gave no thought to receiving a gift in return…..but BONUS….I did!!!!!

Go love BIG and enjoy life.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be imperfect.

Sam ?

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